What is a mini face lift ?

The mini facelift is also known as micro or weekend facelift because it can be performed quickly and it takes least time to recover. In this sort of procedure, key facial areas are enhanced with lesser risk and stress that are usually found in the standard facelift surgery. The cost effectiveness of the mini facelift makes it an attractive choice. It helps to reduce minor sagging around the cheeks, neck and jawline in considerably lesser price than the usual facelift approach. See our mini face lift cost page for more details.

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The mini facelift is a quite new technique that can be performed quickly and takes shorter time for recovery. Under this procedure, specific areas of the face like neck and fold on the nose are focused. In mini facelift procedures, the cosmetic surgeon makes smaller incision and sometimes takes advantages of endoscopic facelift technology to lift, remove or reposition the facial tissues.

After eliminating those factors that contribute to unwanted sagging and drooping, the surgeon uses small sutures and repositions the skin.

Who can be benefited from Mini Facelift Surgery?

If you want to reduce the signs of aging because you feel that you are too young to have wrinkles and fine lines, mini face lift may prove a right option for you. However, if you have begun to notice sagging and drooping of your facial skin,

A mini facelift is useful for people in which the first signs of aging are appearing and they don't want to go through some more intensive surgery. In other words, it is the best option for those who are still in their 30s or 40s and undergoing some signs that appear with aging. More often, these people want to remove minor sagging or drooping around the jaws, cheeks and neck area. However, traditional face lift surgery is considered a better option for those who want to address more serious sagging and drooping of the facial skin.